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This web site provides Information on International Business in 3 parts:
i) Developed markets such as USA & Europe
ii) Emerging large markets such as India
iii) Local language Info niche markets such as Saudi Arabia
The different emails facilitate sorting and make it easy to respond.

International - Joint Ventures- Exports- Imports

Member of
Indo- American Chamber of Commerce

Alumni of Indian
Institute of
Ahmedabad- PGP 73
Email: rajan@chaviit.com

Doing Business with Saudi Arabia

Worked in Saudi as Senior Business Executive from
1991-2009 Email:rajan@chaviit.com

IT based Business Intelligence & Analytics

In association with a
Prof (retd) in IT &
Systems from one of
the leading IIMs.

Chavi IT Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai in collaboration with M/s. Global Information Services Ltd. UK represents
several leading Indian companies as their Overseas Marketing & Business Development associates.


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